Payment Terms  
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cashier's check or company check.
Credit cards accepted
Commercial Credit
Available upon approval.
Payment Terms: Net 30 days.
Returned Product
No products are to be returned to Bench Depot™ without prior written approval and shipping instructions. A 25% restocking fee will be charged on all product returned due to no fault of BenchPro, Inc or BenchDepot™.
Early Shipment

Order Acceptance and Production Scheduling:

Due to the thousands of different ways to produce a workbench, including model, options, sizes, top and frame colors, the BenchPro™ factory does not start the production of an order until they have a firm shipping date.

-Each order we receive is individually produced.


Orders with notations "Call for Delivery Instructions", "Call before Delivery", "Hold for Delivery" or any similar notation will not be produced until a firm shipping date is determined.


If you are not certain when you need the order, or that you have space to store it, advise our customer service staff so they can assist you in determining the best time to start the order so it arrives in a timely manner.


Additionally, our staff automatically contacts each customer on the day of shipment, or late on the day before, to reconfirm the customer is still prepared to receive the shipment. Exception: If customer advises customer service in advance that they are ready, and the order is scheduled to ship within five days, no call will take place.


It's important that you're ready when the shipment arrives. If the order arrives and the customer is not prepared to receive it, or for any other reason, including obvious or suspected damage* they will not accept the shipment that day, the carrier will return the shipment to their distribution facility pending notification of how to handle the shipment. This will cause them to transport it two more times, and they will charge a redelivery charge when they are advised to return the shipment to the destination, or freight charges back to BenchPro™.


If the order is refused or returned to the carrier due to no fault of the carrier or BenchPro™, storage fees will start to accrue within 48 hours of the refusal of the shipment. As carriers are not well prepared for storage work, their fees are generally very high. It's best to find local storage or advise them to return the shipment to us if you do not expect to be ready for redelivery within a week or two.


We will hold a returned shipment or a delayed shipment 14 days at our warehouse at no cost. Than a fee of $6.00 per day per pallet will accrue. You will be invoiced monthly for long term storage. All shipments are invoiced the date of the scheduled shipment.


*If there is damage, its best to keep the shipment and notify us. Inspect it when it arrives, and notate any damage or possible damage on the bill of lading form before you sign. That eliminates any dispute with the carrier if damage is found. We will take care of the replacements ahead of all other orders, and settle with the carrier ourselves, as we contracted with them for you. - We've found this process inconveniences the customer the least.

Exception: If you select a different carrier, we will ship the order freight collect. We will only call them to schedule pickup, as they are your vendor.

Factory Changes:

Bench Depot™ reserves the right to make changes in products and/or prices at any time. Changes will appear on the web site.

Customer Changes:
Orders changed after acceptance may take additional production time.
All statements, recommendations, and technical information contained in BenchPro™ or Bench Depot™ advertising and/or stated by Bench Depot™ are based on information and/or tests we believe reliable. The accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed.
Before purchasing products for specialty applications, the user is requested to determine the suitability of the products for their application. We assume no risk and liability therein.
Bench Depot™ shall not be liable for injury resulting from defective units which remain in service after the user is aware of a defect which an average person would determine could ultimately result in injury.
Neither Bench Depot™ nor BenchPro™ will be liable for loss or damage, direct, indirect, or consequential, arising out of the use of, or inability to use their products. Their only obligation is the replacement or repair of parts, or complete units proven to be defective, as outlined in our warranty. 
For the Lawyers
If litigation is instituted to facilitate collection of monies due Bench Depot™ for injuries or other causes relating directly to our products according to the terms, the party to the litigation which loses shall pay the attorney's fees and expenses for the prevailing party.