Lincoln Compare Washington
Measurements:   Measurements:
18" Seat Width 21"
17" Seat Depth 18"
14" Back Height 15.5"
17.5" Back Width 20"
350# Capacity 350#
2.5" Foam Thickness 3"
3 Height Ranges 3
Exclusive Features:   Exclusive Features:
4 Foam Layers¥ 4
Yes Memory Foam Yes†
Oversize 60mmª Caster Size Oversize 60mmª
No Function Labels Yes
Yes 3M Filters¥ & Adhesives Yes
Yes HR Grade Foams✔ Yes
Construction:   Construction:
3 Levers & 2 Knobs Standard Control 3 Levers & 2 Knobs
18" FootRing 20"
7-Ply Hardwood Seat Plywoood 7-Ply Hardwood
Fabric/Vinyl Seat Bottom 1/8" PVC
Soft Bumper Edge Edge Protection Rigid PVC Pan
Yes Scotchgard Yes
Yes *25 Year Warranty Yes
—> Price Difference About 10% More
*Our warranty is unconditional. (See Above)
Recessed Function Label on back of seat pan. (ESD/Cleanroom/Fabric/Vinyl).
ªIndustry Standard is 50mm. We use 50mm on ESD with Aluminum Base only.
¥Cleanroom Cushions have an Xfirm fifth foam layer to protect the 3M filters. (Add 3/8" to Height).
HR Grade Foams are the most expensive and longest lasting foams available.