Free Standing Shelf Assembly.

1. Place your new fixed height workbench shelf on top of a table with the cardboard seam facing up. Open the carton. Do not remove the cardboard yet.
2. Position the legs. If you have a lot of shelves to do, we recommend two man teams.
3. Insert two screws with lock washers into each leg.
4. Tighten until lock washer is flat. It doesn't have to be tighter than that.
5. Turn it over. Its easier and safer with two men. Toss out the cardboard. View drawer and other options pages for their assembly.
6. Line up the holes on the benchtop with the holes on the shelf leg spreaders. Insert the long 1/4" diameter screws through holes from the top.
7. Put lock washer and nut on bottom of screw. Tighten.
8. Press the 1/2" round black finishing plugs into the screw holes.