Grant Series Bench Easiest Assembly.

BenchPro™ Grant Series workbenches are fastened together using special "T-Head" threaded fasteners. These fasteners are inserted into the slots of the upright end panels, and are turned 1/4 turn to lock into the channel. Then the Nylock nuts are tightened up to secure the assembly.
BenchPro™ Uprights have slots which accept the T-Head fasteners.
1. Position the work surface upside down on a small table or bench. Turn the heads on the fasteners so the heads are positioned vertically.
2. Determine which side of an end leg panel is to be connected to the work surface. Position the end panel with the horizontal feet facing up. Slide the T-Heads into the slot, turn the nylock fastener until slightly tight.
3. Slide the legs to the desired work surface height.
4. Tighten the Nylock nuts . the desired work surface height while observing the height marking tape.
5. Position the modesty panel all the way down against the work surface bottom.
6. Tighten the Nylock fasteners.
7. Using an electric drill, fasten the top of the modesty panel to the bottom of the work surface.
8. Turn the workbench over.
9. Install the end panel top caps using the two fasteners provided.