Quick Ship and Shipping Options  

Each part number on this site is color coded to identify how long it takes us to ship.

Orange: 1 - 3 Working Days.
Green: 3 - 5 Working Days.
Black: 5 - 10 Working Days.

Each part number on this site is color coded to identify how long it takes us to manufacture and ship the bench and any associated options. Orders for laminate colors other than our standard colors take an extra three days.
Custom design orders generally take 5-10 working days.

Orders larger than 10 workbenches and their related options may take longer, depending on how busy we are at the time. We have shipped over 100 benches and options in three days!


Shipping Options

By BenchPro company truck:  BenchPro maintains a small fleet of trucks for importing our materials and delivering product to our customers.
We ship on our trucks when we have contracted to assemble the furniture on site or deliver it assembled, and for larger orders.  We do not charge extra for pre-assembly.

Our drivers are instructed to assist customers with assembly instructions if requested. We can leave product at your receiving area, take it inside, or take it inside and place it in position. Delivery on our trucks is generally limited to one to two truckloads per day, and distances within 400 miles.

National Freight Carriers:  Bench Depot has selected Overnight Freight and Con-Way Freight, two major carriers, based on their excellent on-time record, their damage record, and their low prices. You may ask us to provide a quote or you may contract with a carrier of your choice. If you select one of our preferred carriers, Bench Depot will take full responsibility in the unlikely event of freight damage.  We pay the carrier and add the freight cost to your invoice.

If you selected a carrier other than the two we recommend, we will call the carrier for pickup when the product is ready.  The carrier's freight bill will come to you, and any problems with the shipment must be handled between you and your carrier. You may always call us for advice. As these carriers can take up to 60 days to investigate the damage, you may want to reorder the replacements ahead of their decision. In this case, we will ask for a new order in writing.

FedEx Parcel Service:  We have selected FedEx as our preferred small parcel carrier due to their low rate of damage and their low prices. We generally ship small quantities of chairs with FedEx, as National Freight Carriers have a high minimum charge.

Warehouse Pick-Up:  Customers and their designated carriers are always welcome to pick-up product at our dock in Tecate, CA.  We never charge a handling or loading fee. Call first to make certain your shipment is ready.


Freight Carrier Responsibility:  Truck drivers from all carriers inspect shipments prior to loading them, and will refuse pallets not packaged properly or showing damage.  They are then responsible for any damage on the shipment when it arrives at your location.  No insurance is required.  If your shipment arrives with damage, and you used one of our preferred carriers, we file the claim at the carrier and ship replacements to you right away.  You are never billed for freight or product for the replacement shipment.

Here's the Catch:  The driver will ask you to sign that you received the shipment without damage. Check all sides of the cartons for any compressions or signs of damage before you sign. If you find what appears as possible damage, write "damaged" before signing. Now you are 100% covered. We only ask for a photo of the damage and a copy of the shipper's bill of lading.

Concealed Damage:  If the product was received with concealed damage (without obvious damage to the outside of the packaging), the carrier is still responsible. In this case, we ask you to keep the packing materials until the carrier sends a representative out to inspect the damage.

If a shipment with damage is signed for as being received in good condition, WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO HELP.  The Federal Government regulates trucking and how carriers have to handle freight damage claims. These Federal Government rules state that damage will be considered to have happened at the destination location if you signed for the shipment as being in good condition.

We do everything possible to virtually eliminate damage to the products we ship, however we have some damage on about one in every two hundred shipments when shipped on a preferred carrier.

Other Carriers:  We do not recommend FedEx Freight, UPS or any carrier arranged through a broker, as damage occurs much more often.