Drawer Retrofit Kit - Assembly Instructions  
Note: Retrofit kits are only used to attach our drawers to a different brand of bench or to attach it to a BenchPro™ bench which was originally ordered without drawers. Some BenchPro™ benches have attaching hardware. Before you order this option, run your hand underneath the bench front tubular frame piece. If it already has a piece of metal welded to the back side of the tube, you do not need this product. Simply ask for a free "Z-Bracket" and screws when ordering the drawers.
1. Remove the drawers, retrofit kit and bench from its packing material. Turn the bench and drawers upside down.
2. Unlock the top drawer.  
3. Slide the top drawer open 3+ inches. (It is not necessary to remove the drawer). Attach the "Z Bracket" as shown. Tighten securely. This photo shows the drawer case with no drawer for easier viewing.
4.  Position the "C" Shaped bracket tightly against the front frame tube.  Insert screws.
5. Place the front of the drawer over the front tube with the attaching fingers downward.

CENTER the attaching fingers on the bracket so that the fingers can go under the edge of the bracket.
Be sure you have centered it properly. It will fit between the two centering tabs at either end of the fingers. Slide the drawer onto the bracket.

6. Press the drawer and "Z Bracket" firmly into place so the the Z-Bracket is slightly tensioned and Insert the four remaining screws.