Overhead Sealed LED Lights Fixtures


  • HD Power Supply Mounted Below Work Surface.
  • Conveniently Located Switch.
  • Creates Less Heat with Less Consumption.
  • Color: 5,000 Kelvin. Similar to Fluorescent Daylight.
  • LED. Tested to Last More Than 25-Years of Average Usage.
  • No Shattering Glass Tubes, Mercury Hazard, or Special Disposal.
  • No Dirty Black Blubs or Shock Hazard.
  • Bayerâ„¢ Polycarbonate Housing for Maximum Difused Light and Long Life.
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets.
  • Sealed to Eliminate Dust and Reduce Fire Hazard.
  • Upright Supports and Light Frame Required.
  • Not High Voltage Danger.


! Limited quantities available, please check with your sales representative.