Overhead Sealed Fluorescent Light Fixtures


  • 2 T8 Bulbs, 30" Cord and Integral Lighted Switch Included.
  • Clear Bayerâ„¢ Polycarbonate Housing for Maximum Difused Light and Long Life.
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets.
  • Sealed to Eliminate Dust and Reduce Fire Hazard.
  • Fast Start Electronic HPF Ballast.
  • Order Upright Supports and Light Frame Separately.
  • Specs Here.


! Upright mounted plug free when you purchase light or tool balancer.


! 10' cords available upon request.


! Limited quantities available, please check with your sales representative.



Overhead - Sealed Fluorescent Light Fixtures
24" L. (26" L. Overall)SL24
24" L. (50" L. Overall)SL486410
Lead Time: Blue 1 Day, Green 1-5 Days, Orange 5-10 Days, Black 10 + Days.
Larger & Custom Orders Take Up to 14 Days.

! The 5' fixtures are extremely bright.  (Note the watt rating).  Use these for close work.

! Standard cord length is 10’. If ordered with uprights and a light frame, the left upright will include an electrical outlet at the top, and the cord will be shorter than 3’. This eliminates dangling wires.