Urethane ESD Office Desk Height Chairs
Urethane ESD Office Desk Height Chairs Urethane ESD Office Desk Height Chairs Urethane ESD Office Desk Height Chairs
3 Levers: Adjust Back Angle, Seat Angle and Seat Height.
Add Fixed, Adjustable or ESD Arms
Add Braking, Urethane or Glides
Keep Small Parts Close to You  
Convenient Bottle Handling
Accommodates any Tool



Urethane Dissipative Short, One Lever Control.

Base StyleModelHt. Range
NylonLNS-DU15" to 20"
AluminumLAS-DU14" to 19"
Produced to your Specifications in 1-5 Working Days.
Giant Orders Take a Little Longer.

Seat: 18" D x 18.5" W.

Back: 12" H x 16" W.

Base: 5 Leg Base.


BenchPro™ is quickly becoming a leader in industrial seating. It is our policy to sell new products at a substantially lower markup until they gain a large enough market share to make a reasonable profit. This style of self-skinning urethane cushion chair has been around for years but still sells for about $260. The prices shown below will become our permanent prices if we can sell at least one thousand of these per month.


These chairs are made the same way modern soft car dashboards are made. They wear very well, are puncture and tear resistant, take no maintenance, and rarely need cleaning. They support excellent posture as they are firmer than upholstered chairs. We do the sub-assembly for you. Just push the parts together and sit down. Select either dual wheel casters, or glides for reduced mobility.


Cleanroom Urethane Test Results


Quality and Safety: Our seating meets and exceeds all the following safety standards: ANSI/BIFMA (American National Standards Inc, Business Industrial Furniture Manufacturers Association) and DIN (Deutsch Industrial Nomenclature).


BenchPro™ seating is made to the highest level of quality, meeting and exceeding all national and international standards for safety and integrity. We guarantee the chairs will perform properly for ten-years with people as heavy as 450#, however, no chair with rolling casters is safe for some people over 300 pounds, due to the way they have to support their weight by holding onto something when sitting or rising. We recommend people over 300 pounds use a straight leg steel chair or bench that meets ANSI/BIFMA standards.
We also offer European design braking casters and immobile glides, which will reduce the occurrence of chairs scooting away when being loaded.


Options: View multiple lever adjustment systems, casters and arms below.

Warranty:  View Exclusive Warranty.