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Formica™ Plastic Laminate Top
These durable workbenches are covered in the heaviest grade laminate available today.
Solid Maple Butcherblock Top
The workbench top is made by laminating a series of Solid Maple strips together.
Chemical Resistant Solid Phenolic Resin Top
Chemical Resistant Top. Excellent for Cleanrooms, Doctors Offices and Hospitals.
Static Control Laminate (ESD) Top
Select these work benches where delicate electronics could be damaged by static charges
Disposable Top
You can hit these, stain these, drill and cut on these for years, then just replace it locally.
Cleanroom Laminate Top
These Class 100 rated cleanroom tables have laminate covering the top and bottom.
Cleanroom Conductive (ESD) Top
This table uses static dissipative laminate on the top and standard laminate on the bottom of the top.
Stainless Steel Top
Grade 304 stainless steel top with a number 4 brushed finish. Over solid particleboard for strength.