BenchPro™ is a combination of US Corporation and a Mexican manufacturing facility. We proudly offer a high level of community support to Tecate, Baja, where our plant and 225 employees work in a highly ethical and supportive environment.

We are proud of our community envolvement, including:

1. In 2020 alone, we provided 2150 pairs of new, high quality shoes to under-privledged children through Mexican orphanages and Mexican Catholic nuns. We also provide full clothing for these orphans, including backpacks for school filled with everything they need. These were individually distributed only to the children that need them the most by the nuns, with assistance from BenchPro™volunteers.

2. We sponsor both a baseball and a fut-ball (soccer) teams. Our soccer team took first place regionally this year.

3. We support local government agencies, such as the border agencies, fire and police departments with contributions of new furniture.

The people of Mexico currently have severe financial problems due to our drug consumption and the resulting drug wars. Their tourist trade has virtually dried up and a large percentage of foreign manufacturers have abandoned their facilities in the interest of safety, or just don't consider Mexico a safe enough place to start a business. We do not support any politicians or political party, nor do we support any form of bribery.

We will work with any individual or organization which requests assistance in supporting Mexican children's charities. We can give advice, and will provide cross-border transportation and distribution for any donations. We will accept cash donations with strict accountability, where specific instructions are offered and agreed upon for its charitable use.

4. BenchPro™ is the largest contributor to, a nonprofit, where anyone needing legal advice can find previous legal cases and outcomes to assist them without an attorney. They can also find out about how the judge rulled in cases similar to their own.

FLP recently investigated all Federal judges to discover that 131 have had a conflict of interest, where they should have recused themselves, but instead, heard cases where they had a financial interest. The research appeared on the front page top-center of the Wall Street Journal twice this month. (October 2021)

BenchPro™ worked through the Tecate, BC mayor’s office throughout the Covid pandemic.
*We set up a powerful spraying system in a trailer which we pulled around to local hospitals, spraying the hallways, rooms and ambulances where Covid patients had been. This took 6 men to handle. We used 3M disinfectants.
*We provided tens of thousands of face masks to the local Tecate hospitals.

We never charged a penny.

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