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Choose from Bench Depot's Industrial Workbench Line of Formica Plastic Laminate Workbenches, Solid Maple Workbenches, ESD (Static Control) Workbenches, Cleanroom Workbenches, Stainless Steel Workbenches, Chemical Resistant Workbenches, Heavy Duty Workbenches, Super Heavy Duty Workbenches, Aluminum Frame Workbenches, Hydraulic Lift Workbenches and work benches with disposable tops.

Workbench - Kennedy Series

- Our Best Seller Workbench -

Workbench - Roosevelt Series

- Economy Design -
Tower Series
- Single Leg Workbench -
Standard Series
Shown with Accessories
Premium Series
Shown with Accessories
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Workbench - Dewey Series

- Recessed Legs Workbench -

Workbench - Ulises Series

- Heavy Duty Workbench -

Workbench - Harding Series

- Super Heavy Duty Table -
Buy Super Heavy Duty Work Tables and Benches at
Shown with Accessories
Tested to 20,000#.
2.5” Solid Wood Core.
Apron: 3" x 2" Tube.
*Average Price: $493.
1-5  Day Ship Promise

Hydraulic Lift Designs

- Crank or Electric Lift -
Buy Hydraulic Powered Work Benches at
Shown with Accessories
Available designs:
Kennedy and Roosevelt.
*Average Price: $930.
1-5  Day Ship Promise

Pedestal Leg Workbenches

- 2 Pedestal Design -
Buy Pedestal Leg Work Benches at
Shown with Accessories
Stainless Steel Drawer Pulls.
100's of Styles.
Steel: 18 and 20-Gauge.
(2 Pedestals and Top)
*Average Price: $1,034.

1-5  Day Ship Promise

Grant Design

- Modular Aluminum Frame Work Benches -
Shown with Accessories
Tested to 2,000#.
1.2” Solid Wood Core.
Stainless Steel Trim.
*Average Price: $386.
1-5  Day Ship Promise

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