Bench Depot™ Offers a Variety of Discounts

Destination Discounts:

Are offered to most customers, and are computed based on the distance from our distribution facility. View the destination discount map.


Quantity discounts:

Are displayed on each price page.


Price Freeze:

Customers receiving quantity discounts on an order may return within sixty days and receive the same advanced discount for smaller orders going to the same location.


Thirty Day Price Hold:

New quotes will be valid for 60 days. Then will be re-quoted if prices have changed.

Customers asking for early quotes, those with ship dates more than 60 days in the future will be advised that the quote is valid for 60 days, and how prices will be adjusted if our prices have changed since the original quote.


Freight Discounts:

We recommend customers use our preferred carriers to get the best discounts. This allows us to find the best remedy in case of carrier damage.

BenchPro™ quotes freight charges exactly as the carriers quote to us. No mark-ups on freight.


Year End Rebates:

BenchPro™ and Bench Depot™ customers with yearly sales volume equal to the level shown below will receive a credit rebate on or before January 15th of the following year. (Computed: Total products sold times rebate percentage).

Customers with special pricing arrangement(s) are not eligible.

Purchase Levels Rebate
$500,000 1%
$1,250,000 2%
$2,500,000 3%
$5,000,000 4%
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