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More Welds Reduce Your Assembly Time
Steel Forming
41 Punch Presses
4 Coil Stamping Lines
One of 4 Tube Cutters
4 Powder Paint Lines
4 CNC Wood Saws
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Industrial Workbenches
9 Designs
Shown with Accessories

1,000's of Benches & Accessories
Select Top Style:
  • Laminate Top workbenches
  • Solid Maple Top work benches
  • Static Control ESD Top Workbench
  • Cleanroom ESD Top work bench
  • Stainless Steel workbench
  • Phenolic Resin Top work bench
  • Cleanroom Top work benches
  • Particleboard Top Workbenches
  • Bamboo Top work bench

    Benches & Accessories   
1,000's of Benches & Accessories

7 Industrial Functions
Quarterly Special: Take off 20%.

Select Cushion Type:
   • Fabric
   • Fabric ESD
   • Vinyl
   • Vinyl ESD
   • Cleanroom
   • Cleanroom ESD
   • Urethane
   • Urethane ESD

3 Base Styles:

   • Nylon.
   • Aluminum.
   • Chrome.

Office Desk and Tall.

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*Extra 5% Discount when Buying Benches.
Coronavirus Shields
Quarterly Special: Take 20% Off Published Price and Free Shipping
Sneeze-Guard Products:
   • Sliding
   • Edge Mounted
   • Free Standing
   • Hanging


Electropolished Clean Room and Stainless Products
Excellent For Laboratories and Schools
   • Custom Cabinets
   • Custom Carts


1000+ Sizes and Drawer Configurations.

Quarterly Special: Take off 8%.

Shown with Accessories
HeightPlease Select
WidthPlease Select
DepthPlease Select
Drawer Cap.Please Select


• 100# and 200# Capacity.
• Optional Anti-Tipping System.
• Optional Locks.
• Optional Soft Closing Drawers.
• Strong Cold Rolled Steel.
• Full Welded/Assembled.
• Industry’s Most Efficient Use of

If you don’t see the perfect cabinet for your application, you may seek assistance by calling our customer service personnel, or design and price a cabinet here.

3D Designer

Carts & Racks
Standard or Custom
Shown with Accessories


7 Designs:

   • Tray Carts.
   • Stencil Carts.
   • Chassis Carts.
   • Component Storage.
   • Solder Pallet.
   • Platform Carts.
   • Push Carts.
   • Aircraft Maintenance Carts.



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Aircraft Landing Gear Trolley
Giant Storage Cabinet


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