Custom Products

When you need custom metal products, BenchPro™ is your best bet. With 7 engineers to assist in the design, and almost 300 workers to build the design, BenchPro™ can get it done quickly, and right the first time.
BenchPro™ has machinery and expertise to make almost anything. We limit our custom work to workbenches of all kinds. We do short runs piece by piece, or longer runs by developing and producing special tools and dies to make it faster. (BenchPro™ owns the largest tool and die company in the area). Here is how we like to do the work.
1. Most custom requests are simple and can be explained over the phone, but when a customer calls with a complicated custom request, we ask them to email or fax a drawing with measurements, no matter how rough.
2. We sit down for a few minutes with our engineering department to determine the amount and thickness of the metal parts and the number of processes needed to make it. We then produce a small internal spreadsheet to determine the exact cost of manufacture.
3. We call or email a quotation, and if accepted, produce a mock-up and photo. We send the photo to the customer for review.
4. We begin production after we hear that the customer is satisfied.
Usually, contact to completion takes about five working days.
Workbench -  Custom Work
Note: The drawing and sample above were designs for a student table for a school art department. The student's work was to be placed underneath, while relevant items were to be attached to the pegboard sides.
Engineering & Design are at No Cost.
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